Prodis T-Series Hood Dishwashers

T Series by Prodis – The Ultimate Dishwashing Range

• Ultimate Versatility As standard all units feature auto start and can be used in a straight through or ‘L’ shaped configuration without adaptation.

• Ultimate Adaptability Starting from the base model all units can be configured exactly to the customers specifications with optional drain pumps, WRAS approved air break tanks, Insulated double skinned hoods and heat recovery & steam condensing units1

• Ultimate Results A patented wash distribution assembly equalises wash pressure across the full length of the wash arm delivering full pressure and a superb result from every wash jet.

• Ultimate Cleanliness A fully pressed deep drawn wash tank eliminates dirt traps and makes clean down easy.

• Ultimate Reliability Drawing on over 25 years of manufacturing experience the T-series hood dishwashers are built to last in even the most demanding environments.

• Ultimate Flexibility The T-Series range has been designed to meet the requirements of all catering outlets starting from the Entry level T1115 and increasing in power and performance right up to the T1515 so that no matter what your requirements a T-Series dishwasher can be configured to meet them.

Standard Features

  • Soft touch electronic controls for simple operation
  • Auto start as standard
  • Variable wash cycle lengths
  • Continuous wash cycle2
  • Automatic timed adjustable peristaltic detergent pumps
  • Automatic timed adjustable peristaltic rinse aid pumps
  • Constructed entirely from stainless steel
  • Deep drawn one piece wash tank for easy cleaning
  • Secondary wash tank filters
  • Primary wash pump filters
  • Rotating parallel upper and lower wash arms
  • Supplied with 1 x dish basket, 1 x flat basket and 1 x cutlery basket


  • Drain pump
  • WRAS approved air break tank (approval number 1410333)
  • Integrated automatic water softener3
  • Double skinned hood
  • Heat recovery system1
  • Manual water softener
  • Rinse boost pump
Technical Details T1115 T1215 T1515 T1515HR
Width 724 724 788 788
Depth 818 818 835 835
Height 2010 2010 2080 2080
Max. load height 450mm 450mm 465mm 465mm
Stainless steel support rack Free frame Free frame Hinged Hinged
Cycle programs 90″ / 120″ 60″ / 120″ / 180″ 60″ / 120″ / 180″ 60″ / 120″ / 180″
Auto start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continuous wash No Yes Yes Yes
Timed peristaltic detergent pump Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timed peristaltic rinse aid pump Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wash arm construction Parallel Composite Parallel Composite Parallel Stainless Steel Parallel Stainless Steel
Primary wash pump filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secondary tank filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wash tank capacity 15 Litres 20 Litres 30 Litres 30 Litres
Rinse tank capacity 6 Litres 6 Litres 6 Litres 6 Litres
Wash pump power 470w 700w 1500w 1500w
Wash tank power 2100w 2500w 2500w 2500w
Rinse tank power 5000w 8000w 8000w 8000w
Total power rating 5600w 8700w 9500w 9500w
Power supply* 230V N+T 50hz (Single phase) 400V 3N+T 50hz (Three phase) 400V 3N+T 50hz (Three phase) 400V 3N+T 50hz (Three phase)
Not available 230V N+T 50hz (Single phase) Not available Not available
*Please state power supply required at point of order
Control Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Tank/boiler temperature display Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECO mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self diagnostic mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drain pump Optional Optional Optional Optional
Air break tank Optional Optional Optional Optional
Integral water softener Optional3 Optional3 Optional3 Optional3
Double skinned hood Optional Optional Optional Standard
Heat recovery system Not Available Not Available Optional Standard
1 Only available on T1515
2 Not available on T1115
3 Only available with air break tank fitted



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T Series Hood Dishwashers

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T1515HR Heat Recovery

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