Prodis C-M Series Modular Icemakers

Prodis C-M Series Modular Icemakers – High output ice machines for demanding venues

The Prodis C-M Series icemakers, fast production modular icemakers which has been designed with the needs of busy establishments in mind.

Standard features

  • Specifically designed to copy in even the most demanding environments
  • Classic ‘dice’ shaped ice cube
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • European manufactured to ISO9001 standards
  • Proven and reliable ice production system
  • Built in self cleaning cycle
  • Units can be double stacked for venues where constant ice production is a must*
  • Highly reliable and familiar vertical evaporator production produces ice quickly and constantly

*requires optional union kit
Model Production Suggest Storage Silo Cube Size Cubes Per Cycle Width Depth Height
C220M 220kg S230 (230kg) Full Dice 13c.c. 200 762 620 500
C300M 305kg S180 (181kg) Full Dice 13c.c. 240 559 621 659
C405M 405kg S230 (230kg) or S390 (390kg) Full Dice 13c.c. 400 762 620 760


Spec Sheets

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C-M Series Brochure