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About Us

Prodis can trace it routes back to 1995 with the founding of Project Distribution Ltd, the company from which Prodis derives its name, since then Prodis has evolved to become a market leader in commercial refrigeration and warewashing.

Our philosophy is a simple one, ‘Economy Without Compromise’ these 3 words epitomise what the Prodis brand stands for, delivering the best quality equipment without compromising on quality, reliability and features.

We carefully source and select our products from across the globe, putting all our products through stringent quality control tests before introducing them to the market place and back all of this up with our dedicated service and spare parts department to ensure that your Prodis product can be effectively serviced and maintained for years to come.

One of our primary focuses has always been in the warewashing sector and since our inception in 1995 we have worked closely with our Italian factory to ensure that our glass and dishwashers not only work well but are as reliable as possible.

Our E and Jet series glasswasher have always been electro-mechanical machines, we maintain this production method in an ever changing marketplace so we can give customers who prefer simplicity a reliable and proven ware washing solution.

For customers who want more options and control over their machine we have introduced the EV series and upgraded our full T series to feature intelligent electronic controls, these machines offer more flexibility over wash cycles and present the user with more information about the status of the machine as well as self-diagnostics.

Our entire warewashing lineup keeps simplicity at its heart and that is a philosophy that we carry through our entire portfolio, maintaining reliability and keeping costs down by keeping our equipment simple to use, easy to understand and effortless to maintain in years to come.

We back this entire ethos up with our after sales department who are always available to deal with any warranty requests as well as support and supply spare parts for older machines, so much so that we have spares stock available for machines which are 20 years old, but more importantly we still have requests for those parts for machines which have served their owners well for the last 2 decades.

We pride ourselves in listening to our customers and being a trend setter in introducing new products to the market first. One example of this is our low profile bottle coolers which were the first mass market 850mm high back bar coolers available at an economical price. This range was launched because of an increase in requests for a non-standard 850mm high bottle cooler to fit under a lower counter, we listened, we responded, we set a trend which is often imitated.

By purchasing a piece of Prodis equipment you can rest assured that you are investing in a piece of equipment which has been designed to truly deliver economy without compromise.