GR Series Ice Flakers

The GR Series ice flakers are ideal for locations that need a constant supply of flaked ice, the range comprises machines from a small 135kg production compact model with built in storage bin to a massive 1125kg production unit which is designed to be installed on a large storage silo or ice transport system.  These units are perfect for installation in supermarkets, fish markets and gyms.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty auger production system
  • Immediate and constant production
  • Fully electro-mechanical operation
  • Adjustable moisture content
  • AISI304 stainless steel construction
  • Tropicalised condensing unit
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Suitable for unit in ambient temperatures up to 43°c

Model Production Storage / Suggested Storage Bin Ice Type Width Depth Height
GR135 135kg 60kg Flaked 515 550 1355
GR140 140kg S230/SC50 Flaked 515 550 468
GR220 220kg S230/SC250 Flaked 515 550 575
GR390 390kg S390/SC350 Flaked 675 550 660
GR565 565kg S480/SDC400 Flaked 675 550 800
GR1125 1125kg S675/SDC830 Flaked 1335 610 815


Spec Sheets

thumbnail of gr135thumbnail of gr140thumbnail of gr220thumbnail of gr390thumbnail of gr565thumbnail of gr1125


thumbnail of GR Series