Clarity CL Series Ice Makers

The CL Series, intelligent and elegant mains connected icemakers.

The exterior of the CL series is constructed entirely from stainless steel, attractive, timeless and hygienic.

The small foot print of the CL20 allows for easy installation under counter, behind the bar or counter top.

The larger CL40, CL60 and CL90 have been designed to cope in larger venues and benefit from a generous storage capacity, fast ice production and a space saving inward opening door.

The mains water and waste connections allow the machines to run 24 hours a day so that there is always ice available when required.

Intelligent electronic controls turn off production when the storage bin is full and automatically restart the machine when ice is removed.

A self cleaning cycle allows for easy maintenance for sanitary and hygienic operation and a built in air filter makes routine condenser cleaning easy.

Prodis CL40 Ice Maker

Model Production Storage Width Depth Height
CL20 22kg 6kg 380 470 600
CL40 45kg 13kg 505 656 820
CL60 62kg 22kg 610 656 910
CL90 102kg 32kg 715 656 910


Spec Sheets

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User Manual

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