I Series Heavy Duty Electronic Glasswashers

The i Series, intelligent design coupled with durable engineering and Italian flair. The i Series has been engineered to not only be simple for the user but also easy for future maintenance. The user is kept informed of all stages of the washing operation through the digital display and all cycles are started by the soft touch responsive buttons. The i Series has built in self diagnostics to make any future maintenance a breeze. Energy efficiency is at the forefront of the i Series design and the machine features as standard an energy efficiency mode which reduces power to the machine if the cabinet has not been used for a pre programmed amount of time.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Primary and secondary tank filters
  • Double skinned door
  • 120″ wash cycle
  • Hygienic pressed door handle
  • Soft touch electronic controls
  • Digital display informs the user of the current status of the machine
  • Rounded deep drawn one piece stainless steel wash tank for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Vertically mounted self draining wash pump
  • Drain pump fitted to all models as standard
  • Staged filling for quicker heating from the rinse boiler element

Programmable Features

  • Adjustable wash and rinse temperatures (60°c and 80°c default values)
  • Adjustable rinseaid and detergent dosing times
  • Rinseaid and detergent pump manual activation for quick priming of chemical pumps on installation
  • Display or rinse and wash tank temperatures if required (off by default)
  • Self diagnostic mode for quick and easy future fault finding
  • Autostart (off by default)
  • Thermal interlock (off by default)
  • Energy saving mode (off by default)
  • 90″ and 180″ wash cycles


  • Double skinned cabinet (factory order lead times apply)
  • External water softener
  • External rinse boost pump
  • Multifit stand
  • Vinyl wrapping
Model Basket Drain Power Clearance Width Depth Height
i35p 2 x 350mm Pumped 2.7kw 225mm 400 480 640
i40p 2 x 400mm Pumped 2.7kw 290mm 450 520 690
i80p 2 x 500mm Pumped 6.3kw 340mm 550 600 825



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Spec Sheets

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