FCT Series Conveyor Toaster

The FCT1 is a compact conveyor toaster capable of producing up to 500 slices of toast per hour and can also be used for toasting buns, bagels and other bread items.  The unit is constructed entirely from stainless steel and features quartz heating elements for rapid heat up from cold.  The toaster has a selectable top and bottom element switch allowing you to toast buns or bagels on 1 side only and a speed controller and energy regulator to control the amount of browning.

Standard Features

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Speed controller & energy regulator
  • Top and bottom element selector
  • 500 slices per hour
  • 13amp operation

Model Capacity Power Width Depth Height
FCT1 500 slices per hour 2.2kw 365 608 415