EV Series Heavy Duty Glasswashers


EV is a new range of glasswashers by Prodis designed from the ground up to be user friendly, energy efficient, intelligent and hygienic.

All machines feature an easy to use and understand waterproof responsive electronic control panel with user friendly colour coded LED display to simplify use and staff training.  The bright LED display can easily be read in low light situations allowing easy operation in pubs, clubs and bars.

5 cycles allow for total control of the wash time from 1 minute for lightly soiled glassware through to 10 minutes for a more thorough wash.  If activated the rinse tank temperature interlock system holds the wash cycle until a rinse temperature of 85°c is reached ensuring a hygienic final rinse every time.

Quick and easy to specify and install all EV glasswashers are fitted as standard with drain pumps, rinseaid injectors and detergent pumps.

The innovative EV-CLEAN system automatically cleans the wash tank whenever the unit is switched off making sure your EV is ready for use the next day with minimal effort.



User friendly, intuitive and informative the large LED control panel with bright colour coded display allows for easy operation and staff training thanks to its large, easy to read buttons and symbols.

The flat, waterproof EV-TOUCH responsive control panel allows for one touch operation to start a wash cycle and the IP?? rating allows for totally safe and easy operation.

EV-LOGiC is our self diagnostic system which monitors the machines performance at all times and displays user friendly error codes which speed up troubleshooting greatly reducing the amount of downtime in the unlikely event of a breakdown.


EV-CLEAN, our most advanced cleaning system ever combines years of experience, development and research to deliver perfect results every time.

The wash tank is designed without any obstruction to allow for effortless clean down at the end of the day while filters, rack guides and wash arms are ergonomically profiled to allow for easy access and removal.

Our advanced EV-FILTER technology has been developed to keep both small and large dirt particles out of the wash system, delivering excellent results while keeping the components clean.  The EV-FILTER can be completely disassembled by the end user without the use of tools to make daily cleaning and maintenance easy.

All EV machines are fitted with a soft start wash pump system which gradually ramps up the water pressure to prevent chipping and breaking of delicate glasses.

The innovative EV-CLEAN system automatically cleans the wash tank whenever the unit is switched off making sure your EV is ready for use the next day with minimal effort.


EV-SAFE is a design philosophy that not only ensures safe operation of the machine for the end user but also delivers a comfortable working environment.

EV-SAFE works in harmony with every other system of the EV range to deliver safe operation.
EV-CLEAN delivers perfect hygienic wash results while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance by the end user.
EV-FILTER removes small and large dirt particles from the wash system for effortless hygiene.
EV-LOGiC monitors the components to keep the machine safe for the user and to facilitate a quick repair in the case of a breakdown.
EV-EASY allows for quick and easy use and keeps staff training to a minimum.
EV-TOUCH a hygienic waterproof flat electronic control panel, easy to use, easy to clean.


Prodis is committed to protecting the environment through innovation and conservation of resources.  EV-ECO reduces water, energy and chemical use by up to 45% compared to previous models.

The robust structure and design of the EV line retains the temperature within the machine and the various wash cycle options allow the machine to be tailored to use the minimal amount of energy and water while maintaining excellent results.

The new, redesigned low profile wash tank reduces the water capacity of the machine which in turn drastically reduces the initial heat up time.  The wash tank element is up to 4 x more powerful than previous generations allowing the wash tank to come up to temperature faster, reducing time and saving energy.

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy to read electronic LED control panel
  • Rinseaid injector
  • Detergent pump
  • Drain pump
  • Soft start wash cycle
  • Temperature display
  • EV-LOGiC
  • 2 x glass racks


  • Internal water softener
  • External water softener
  • External rinse boost pump
  • Multi-fit stand
Model Basket Drain Power Clearance Width Depth Height
EV35 2 x 350mm Pumped 2.5kw 276mm 430 485 660
EV40 2 x 400mm Pumped 2.5kw 276mm 480 517 696
EV50 2 x 500mm Pumped 6.6kw 355mm 575 600 805



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