Calgary Multideck Displays

The Calgary supermarket specification multideck has been designed with a low front to maximise the available display area.  The units are available in 4 widths and can be multiplexed together to create runs larger than 2.5m.

Standard Features

  • -1°c to +7°c temperature range (3M2)
  • White exterior finish
  • Low profile 412mm high front for maximum display area
  • LED canopy lighting
  • Full vision panoramic end walls
  • 4 adjustable shelves + base
  • 400mm shelf depth
  • 440mm base depth
  • Shelf strengtheners
  • Perspex risers
  • EPoS ticket strips
  • Digital temperature control

Optional Features

  • Slow rise night blind
  • Multiplexing options
  • Additional shelves
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior

Model Display Area Shelf Width Power Supply Width Depth Height
C10 1.9m 938mm 13amp 1022 745 1995
C14 2.6m 1250mm 13amp 1334 745 1995
C20 3.8m 1875mm 16amp 1959 745 1995
C26 5.1m 2500mm 16amp 2584 745 1995


Spec Sheets

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Calgary Spec Sheet