2017 / 2018 Catalogue

We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2017/2018 catalogue.

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The catalogue features over 100 new products details of which can be found on our website;

Bar Refrigeration

NTGF Glass Frosters – The NT Series glass frosters, available as solid door or with a heated glass door.  The cabinets have been designed with the same dimensions of a standard single door back bar cooler to allow them to fit into a run of bottle coolers perfectly.  With a temperature range of -10°c to -15°c (-18° to -22°c NTGF) the units are perfect for frosting glass prior to serving beers or cocktails and can also be used for storage and display of ice cold spirits.

NTBD Bottle Dumps – The NTBD series bottle dumps, high capacity design with a durable black exterior finish.  The cabinets have a temperature range of +2°c to +8°c, perfect for large volume of ice cold beers and drinks.  The units are finished with a hard wearing stainless steel top with sliding lids for quick and easy access and benefit from digital temperature control and display.

Display Refrigeration

Aruba Multideck Displays – The Aruba multideck is available in 4 widths and 2 depths and is designed to perfectly compliment our Araya serve over counters.  The Aruba can also be supplied as a fruit and veg multideck with inclined shelves and top mirror, making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

Java Fresh Meat Serve Overs – The Java fresh meat serve over counter is designed to guarantee maximum performance in terms of both capacity and presentation.  All Java counters have a large glass display area suitable for displaying fresh meat.  The Java counters can be multiplexed to create a seamless run of counters and can be joined to internal and external corners.

Fisk Fresh Fish Displays – The Fisk fresh fish display is available in 2 lengths and can be multiplexed together.  The deck is constructed entirely from durable and hygienic stainless steel and has a built in drain outlet for easy cleaning at the end of the day.  Designed to be used in conjuction with an ice flaker to create stunning displays of fresh fish and seafood.

Ice Makers

C Series Compact Icemakers – A range of under counter icemakers specifically designed for the hospitality market. Perfectly suited to bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Crystal clear super hard ice cools drinks quickly but melts slowly allowing drinks to stay colder for longer. All machines are rated to climate class  T (Tropical) allowing them to operate in ambient temperatures up to 40°c making them suitable for installation in the most demanding environments. The C series are fitted with patented flexible spray nozzles to minimise limescale build up and reduce maintenance intervals. All machines are injected with high density polyurethane insulation to preserve the consistency and quality of ice for longer. All components in contact with water have been designed to minimise friction and surface tension to reduce sound levels during production.

PS Series Paddle System Icemakers – Designed to operate in even the most demanding environments, the PS Series are unique icemakers which operate without a thermostat which means they can be comfortably installed in ambient temperatures as low as 5°c but thanks to the tropicalised condensing unit they can also cope in high ambient temperatures of up to 40°c making them one of the most versatile ice makers available on the market today.  The PS series utilises a paddle production system which doesn’t need water pumps or spray jets making it a lot less susceptible to limescale build up than other production methods.

C-M Series Modular Icemakers – The Prodis C-M Series icemakers, fast production modular icemakers which has been designed with the needs of busy establishments in mind.

CD Series Nugget Icemakers – The CD90 clear diamond nugget ice maker produces soft chewable ice nuggets which are ideal for use in cocktails as well as for food presentation and preservation.  The CD90 is a fully self contained machine with an 85kg production per 24 hours and a 20kg storage bin to ensure there is always a plentiful supply of ice.

CR Series Ice Crushers – The CR Series ice crusher is a space saving, compact solution for venues that have a need for crushed ice.  Cocktails, food presentation and preservation are some of its many uses.  The CR Series are also useful for sports injuries as well as physiotherapy applications.  The CR3 and CR5 are fitted with a heavy duty and durable stainless steel crushing mechanism which delivers crushed ice in seconds.  The heavy duty CR series are capable of delivering up to 300kg of crushed ice per hour.

GR Series Ice Flakers – The GR Series ice flakers are ideal for locations that need a constant supply of flaked ice, the range comprises machines from a small 135kg production compact model with built in storage bin to a massive 1125kg production unit which is designed to be installed on a large storage silo or ice transport system.  These units are perfect for installation in supermarkets, fish markets and gyms.

S Series Storage Silos – The S series storage silos are indispensable for venues that require a constant supply of ice. Heavy duty and durable the silos are constructed entirely of stainless steel with high density polyurethane insulation.

SC Series Ice Transport System – The SC Series ice storage and distribution system has been designed to allow large volumes of ice to be distributed.  The SC series is ideal for larger venues, stadiums, hospitals and supermarkets where one central icemaker can easily supply multiple outlets.

SD Series Ice Dispensers – The SD Series ice dispenser are ideal for hotels or restaurants that require a large volume of ice to be dispensed directly to the customer.  The SD series can be fitted with an optional water dispenser to deliver chilled water direct to the customer and the units are constructed entirely from AISI304 stainless steel for stylish durability and hygiene.


i Series Electronic Glasswashers – The i Series, intelligent design coupled with durable engineering and Italian flair. The i Series has been engineered to not only be simple for the user but also easy for future maintenance. The user is kept informed of all stages of the washing operation through the digital display and all cycles are started by the soft touch responsive buttons. The i Series has built in self diagnostics to make any future maintenance a breeze. Energy efficiency is at the forefront of the i Series design and the machine features as standard an energy efficiency mode which reduces power to the machine if the cabinet has not been used for a pre programmed amount of time.

T Series Hood Dishwashers –  Ultimate Versatility As standard all units feature auto start and can be used in a straight through or ‘L’ shaped configuration without adaptation. – Ultimate Adaptability Starting from the base model all units can be configured exactly to the customers specifications with optional drain pumps, WRAS approved air break tanks, Insulated double skinned hoods and heat recovery & steam condensing units – Ultimate Results A patented wash distribution assembly equalises wash pressure across the full length of the wash arm delivering full pressure and a superb result from every wash jet. – Ultimate Cleanliness A fully pressed deep drawn wash tank eliminates dirt traps and makes clean down easy.

Catering Equipment

F Series Catering Equipment – We have redesigned and relaunched our entire catering equipment lineup to consolidate it into 1 range to offer the best value for money and reliability possible